Nige - LeonardsleeI  trained and worked as a journalist before embarking on a theatrical career which included stage management, producing, acting and directing before taking up writing full time (more or less) in 1976. Since then I have had over 100 hours of original drama produced for stage, televison and radio and had a couple of film scripts commissioned which never got to principal photography (as most film scripts don’t). Please go here for greater detail about me, my philsophy and my work.

Although my discipline has been principally drama I have, over the years, contributed many articles for diverse publications and am currently working on a book which has, so far, been eight years in the research. This is a labour of absolute love and I am in no hurry to finish it.

My other working endeavours during this period have been hosting drama workshops which have metmorphosed into something more generally applicable to personal and spiritual awareness and various teaching posts.