Course Road Map

So what does a course with ‘The Write Inn’ include?

  • It includes me, Nigel Baldwin, as your personal tutor. I am a UK writer who has been writing for TV, radio and the stage for over thirty years, I have also  taught countless writers and actors in universities as well as theatre and writing workshops throughout the UK. Although principally a dramatist, I trained and worked as a journalist and have had many articles and stories published. Currently I am in the process of completing a book I have been researching for eight years. (Fun stuff and I’m in no hurry!)
  • When you join you will receive an introductory phone call (see terms and conditions relating to this) to discuss what your individual requirements are, what you are aiming to achieve and to agree a realistic schedule in which to     complete each module, based on what best suits your life/lifestyle.
  • The written course material which comprises ten separate modules
  • Exercises and an assignment (non mandatory) at the end of every module
  • On the completion of each module you will receive one to one tuition, by phone, to discuss your progress (please ensure that if outside the UK, you have access to Skype). The course fee is predicated mainly upon an hour of my time for each module divided, say, into half reading your work and half giving you personal feedback. Please be realistic, if you are developing a full length work from module to module – which has been done on this course – bear in mind how much is possible within that hour.
  • The opportunity to complete the course in your own time – this is subject to agreement during your introductory phone call.  Some might manage a module a week, others a month dependent on experience, intention and personal circumstances. The average seems to be about a month.

What the modules cover:

  • Introduction and beginnings, starting out
  • Structure, story and plot
  • Action, development and style
  • Arcs of a story
  • Characterisation
  • Dialogue and sub-text
  • Points of View
  • Themes and Setting the Scene
  • Endings, Editing and Re-writing
  • Odds and ends, You, support and getting it out there