How long will it take me to complete the course?

Simply as long as it takes, there is no pressure on you although we do suggest you agree  a schedule with Nigel during your initial conversation just after you register

Will the course cover everything I need e.g. existing projects I am working on?

Again, you need to agree a structure with Nigel. After you register we will arrange with you a convenient day and time to meet Nigel over the phone to discuss what you are hoping to get from the course, any specific requirements you might have and to agree a rough schedule. Although this is not strictly speaking a bespoke course, it can nevertheless be tailored around individual requirements.

What happens if I decide after a while, say 2 or 3 months, that this is not for me?

It depends whether you are paying by instalments or if you have taken advantage of the discount by paying in full at the start. Of course if you are paying by instalments you can choose to stop at any time. We would just ask that out of courtesy you let us know you no longer wish to continue. We will ask you, purely for our own benefit and so that we can improve where necessary, what your reasons are. However we respect everyone’s choices. If you have paid in full we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. See our terms of business.

Can I be certain that I will be a published or produced writer by the end of the course?

No is the simple answer. No
course can guarantee your success. What it does do is give you tools to put to good use. The rest is up to you.

Can The Write Inn help me to sell my work?

No, The Write Inn is principally about coaching and tuition around the creative and production process in storytelling. Nigel can help by discussing options but he will not sell your work for you.

What will I get from this course that I can’t get from a “How to Write” book?

You will get hand-held tuition from a pro in the field of creative writing. Not only does Nigel have over 100 hours of produced drama to his credit, and many published articles,  he is also an experienced teacher having taught at universities and theatres across the UK, not to mention his privately run courses and workshops. You could say he knows what he’s doing!

Why The Write Inn and not one of the other hundreds of courses available that do guarantee me success?

Well of course this is up to you. But what we will tell you is that success as a writer can never be guaranteed by anyone, no matter what their credentials are. The hard work – and there is no denying that that is what it boils down to – is up to each individual and the amount of effort put in will reflect the result. We know if we are honest with ourselves that nothing is guaranteed when it comes to making money and certainly the writing industry is extremely competitive, be it writing drama, books or even magazine articles. What we are offering is a personal tuition programme which will help you to maximse your creative potential, the ability to create material to make agents / publishers / producers sit up and take note!

Do you have specific joining dates?

No, we accept students on a continuous enrolment basis. However we do make a guarantee that Nigel will work with no more than 25 students in any one week  to ensure maximum quality and attention. So it may be that at certain times when we are full, we have to agree a later start date with you which is mutually agreeable

Can I only subscribe by paying through Paypal?

No, a cheque or bank transfer is also acceptable, after discussion with us. If you want to pay by cheque the payment will have to be cleared before the course begins. Paypal, however, accepts all mahjor credit cards and if you don’t already have an account it’s very easy to set one up.

If I’m already working on something like a dissertation or if I’m having a problem with a book project, can this course help me?

Well yes it could but this may be better discussed on a case by case basis as everybody’s situation and need with something like this is different. Although Nigel is prepared to incorporate existing work-in- progress, depending on exactly what you need, it may be better to talk about his mentoring programme, which is negotiable according to requirement. Please feel free to contact us about this, naturally there’s no obligation.