If you already have work in progress or you have something specific in mind that you wish to embark upon you may prefer to develop that rather than do the specific course assignments. In which case we can negotiate your needs in the initial phone call. However, if you are a relative newcomer I suggest you do the exercises anyway, even if you don’t want me to discuss them with you afterwards.

Please bear in mind that the current fees do not embrace the reading of a complete novel, stage play  or screenplay. I am happy to do this, but on agreement of a fee.

This would be roughly £200 for a full length stage play, film or TV script (up to two hours), £150 for a one hour TV script, £100 for a half hour TV pilot. Fiction and non-fiction would depend entirely upon the length but reckon on £120 + £3 per thousand words. Therefore a book of 90,000 words would be £120 + £270 = £390. The fee for the subsequent phone call to discuss the MS will be open to negotiation depending on us agreeing how much time we think we will need.

ADDITIONALLY I  offer a service that mentors writers and students for one-off projects such as dissertations and essays. Please contact us for details.