“Nigel Baldwin is a godsend to the budding writer. His tutorials during the early stages of writing my book provided the cool voice of trained reason that helped me recognise cracks in the narrative, while his enthusiasm for my work and my development as a writer gave me the drive to create and the confidence I needed to start seeing this as a career. I cannot sing his praises enough.”

Hannah Berry, author of ‘Britten & Brulightly’ & ‘Adamtine’, publ. Jonathan Cape

“I’m a bit of a sucker for self help books, so when I decided that I wanted to write a play the first thing that I did was to buy a load of books on the subject.  Reading them taught me a lot. But when I was faced with the frustrating task of trying to complete a piece of work and even worse trying to get that work to a reasonable standard, it became apparent that the books weren’t going to be enough. Fortunately I came across Nige’s website and a link to his writing course. What a bit of luck. There is nothing to compare with the help and advice from someone so experienced in the art of storytelling. I still dread the rewriting, but I now know that with some determination and those all important deadlines, all things are possible. Thanks Nige for all your input; the phone calls that went on for much longer than they should have, the notes and the feedback. It’s been such a pleasure, it was a sad day when the course was over.”

Mari Lloyd, Wirral, Merseyside, author of ‘The Match’ Liverpool ‘Write Now’ Festival, 2012

“I have really enjoyed the first modules of the course and I think you are an absolutely brilliant tutor. I’ve found working with you extremely beneficial and am very glad that I have done it,… but I think I’m going to take a break…. This, of course, is absolutely nothing to do with you as you have been brilliant. …you have my profound thanks for these past months.”

Sarah Davis, Farnham, Surrey

“Working with Nigel was terrific and great value. He gave me so much of his time I think I owe him more money. If ever I get published I’ll pay him some more!”

Amanda Palmer, Blossomgate, Ripon, Yorks, UK

“As a teenager growing up in Salisbury, England, I lived for Sunday evenings and our amazing Youth Theater, Stage 65. Nigel Baldwin was our fearless leader; his energy and dynamism were visceral and thrilling. We were not learning stagecraft or how to be “actors” – nothing that conventional – instead we were learning how to express truth and passion; we were learning life lessons; we were growing up. Age 15, emboldened by Nigel and the Stage 65 experience, I told my career councillor that I wanted to be a TV Producer. The rest is history. I owe Nigel an enormous debt of gratitude for pushing me, for inspiring me, for making me feel I could do anything.

Today, my team at Discovery seeks the highest quality storytelling from the production companies with whom we work. I would recommend Nigel, without hesitation, to anyone seeking a master craftsman in the art.”

Sara Kozak,Senior Vice President, Head of Production, Discovery Communications USA

“The written modules are great but the real value of this course is the ten one-to-one phone tutorials, which went on rather longer than you might think you had a right to expect. And to think what I might have paid for a creative writing course at university.”

Neil Moore, BSM, Dorset County Council, UK

“Seeing the whites of someone’s eyes in a tutorial is the best contact you’re going to have. Not exactly possible if you’re some 200 miles away from your tutor so the timbre of someone’s voice on the phone is a very good second. On-line teaching accompanied by instant-messaging doesn’t do it for me, I don’t feel I’m communicating with someone human. There are no nuances, no subtleties of tone. I came to look forward to the phone call that accompanied every module with Nigel. Not only did it mean I could discuss any problem, it was like having a friend and mentor waiting underneath my tightrope with a safety net.”

Marilyn James, Teacher, St. Faith’s Road, Catton, Norwich, UK.

“A brilliant writer and charismatic teacher who performs educational miracles as writing tutor for our students.”

Rob Benfield, Course Leader, TV Production, University of Westminster, UK

“Thanks mate, I really enjoyed this course, not least the phone calls. But, damn you, I’m going to have to start my novel all over again!”

Phil Knight, failed poet and chef, successful dreamer, Lewes Road, Brighton, UK

“Nigel Baldwin has a lot to answer for. He inspired a generation of young theatre makers in Salisbury some 30 years ago the impact of which is still today being felt across all of English theatre. It is a rare talent he has in being able to both lead and draw the best out of others. Salisbury Playhouse was an extremely conventional theatre in a small market town. And yet Nigel managed, with the help of a clear politic and charm, to forge a radical strand of new, inventive theatre and storytelling. Since then I have been constantly reminded by Nigel’s commitment to struggle with difficult questions, to make theatre and storytelling that deals with matters of significance, to be uncompromisingly honest with himself and to offer wise counsel. All of which have served me well as the director of an arts centre determined to reinvent itself as one fit for the 21st century and as the chair of the Independent Theatre Council”

Gavin Stride, Artistic Director, Farnham Maltings, Surrey, UK

“Nigel Baldwin helped to re-ignite my passion for creative writing. He was constructive without being cruel, enouraging without being gushing, and built my confidence to continue writing again and again when the inevitable re-writes (and rejections) appeared. Most importantly he returned to me the actual enjoyment of the writing process. The fun of creating a story, characters and themes. Even some years (and a variety of stories) later I still find myself employing techniques I learnt during those tutorials. I would highly recommend Nigel’s tutorship to any writer, regardless of their experience, for a fresh eye, genuine quality feedback and an enthusiastic helping hand.”

Simon Drake, Director, After School Productions

“Nigel is a natural and gifted teacher with outstanding qualities to motivate, inspire and challenge both the intellect and the emotions.Working with mature individuals, often with a diversity of prior workplace experience, they have valued immensely his open style of teaching, his disciplined professionalism and his excellent creative analysis of both process and product in story-telling.”

Jeremy Barr, Professor of Convergent Media, Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication, Kent, UK

“I don’t know quite how to thank someone who has not only had a profound effect on my work but has also changed the way I view life. All I can say is thanks for your caring, guidance and support.”

Jenny Grace, University of Brighton

“I knew Nigel when I was a student at the University of Lancaster. I am now a mother of three. What I remember about him was how, as a theatre director teaching there, he coaxed the most wonderful heart-breaking performance from a fellow student that everyone else thought couldn’t act. It was stunning and it reduced the audience to tears. What I realised later was that it was pure nurturing. He believed she had a talent – everyone had a talent – and he was going to mine it. And he did.”

Anna Carling, Camberwell, London

“I have known Nigel for the last 18 years and became aware of his writing talent when I was working as an actress. I loved the way he was able to develop storylines with many twists and turns and was amazed by his ability to bring the extraordinary, complicated and challenging into the public forum. Using humour and plain speaking dialogue he was able to make the most complicated of ideas accessible. Nigel’s understanding of psychology and metaphysics – combined with his innate healing abilities – means he has an undeniable talent for perceiving the inherent abilities of others. He then uses his own skills to support them in achieving their potential. Nigel has been a great friend and mentor to me and when I made the decision to stop acting and develop a new career he was a major support mechanism; without him I wouldn’t be where I am now. I thank him deeply and know that my life would be poorer if I had never met him.”

Alison Jenkins, Child and Adolescent Counsellor, Kent Schools, UK

“Thanks to Nigel Baldwin for being one of life’s true teachers and offering glimpses of transcendence.”

Molly Allen, University of Brighton

“I have been witness to Nigel Baldwin’s work with students even as we have been engaged together in numerous professional projects in theatre and television. His energy and enthusiasm, his faith in people’s talents, his belief that we all have something to offer is second to none. He may demand a lot but, by God, he gets them to produce.”

John Dale, former producer at the BBC & ITV, now MD of three niche broadcast production companies in education, science and drama

“Thanks to Nigel for his exciting and refreshing outlook on life”

Imogen Miller-Porter, University of Brighton

“Nige is a reliable, professional person with excellent transferable skills and a good sense of humour. He communicates well, takes his work seriously and responsibly, and has always proved himself to be an  excellent teacher with a sensitive approach to both small and large group teaching. His work with my short course students on writing narrative and storytelling was outstanding.”

Bill Curtis, Project Manager for Broadcast Short Course Training, Ravensbourne College of Broadcasting, Kent, UK

“Nigel Baldwin, without whom I never would have had the courage to complete this project and personal exploration and journey, thank you.”

Cassie Gould, University of Brighton.