What I Offer and What I Don’t

books3If you’re looking for a magic formula to write a guaranteed best-seller, hit theatre piece or screenplay for a dead-cert Hollywood blockbuster……..

I can’t help you.

If you want to know the insider secrets of successful writing that only established writers know…………..

I can’t help you.

If you want to write a novel in 10 days…….

I can’t help you there either.

Why not?

Because offers to help you accomplish the above are generally vacuous.


  • No-one knows what will become a best-seller, a hit theatre piece or an in demand screen-play. If they did know then every writer would be producing one.
  • There are no ‘secrets’ of writing – all the information about the craft is readily available if you’ve time to look. The key word here is TIME.
  • The probability of writing any of the above in 10 days is remote. (Sure great art has been created in that time, but usually by people who have an inkling of   what they are about to tackle. In point of fact an average novel of 90,000           words will require 9,000 words a day. That’s a LOT of words for someone       relatively inexperienced and the first one that comes to mind is exhaustion.)

Claims like these are at the best unrealistic; the most extravagant even disingenuous. Undoubtedly there are formulae for success – many people follow them – and systems for helping you build your stories and move them forward, but that still offers zero by way of guarantee. Zilch. Nada. The only guarantee you will ever have is from a publisher, theatre or film producer (i.e. not a teacher) and that in the form of a legally binding contract. And even then it does not guarantee success.

Nor does a writing course.

However if you really want to learn to write a terrific story and in the process get a great deal of joy and satisfaction by learning to access that creative genius inside of you and combine that with the craft of writing, then I definitely can help you..

What writing and story-telling needs is a lot of application and, for the inexperienced, a great deal of help and encouragement. No course or e-book provides the application. You have to provide that. A course or manual won’t write your project for you.

You have to apply yourself, you have to take ACTION.

Mentoring on the phone by a long established and award-winning writer canhelp you do that.

(The one guarantee I do offer regarding the course is this: to make sure I can divide myself successfully between everybody taking the course, I work with no more than 25 students in any one week. People all develop at their own individual pace, so the course is administered in such a way that whatever anyone’s pace, I support no more than 25 students in any given week).