Why Write?

Inn 3Does discovering how storytelling can be a power in your life appeal to you?

How about travelling to undiscovered parts of your psyche through the medium of telling stories? What if you found out that expressing yourself creatively could help to heal some past wounds?

Or maybe you just want to delight people with your storytelling.

Perhaps you just have an urge to write, to articulate. To discover that writing is its own reward. And then possibly earn some income from it.

There are many, many reasons to write, far too many to go into here, but the benefits are plenty.

You can experience being full alive through your writing.  Writing is an art. Art is a state where we can experience being fully alive, where we can experience beauty, where we can have a transcendent and/or aesthetic experience. Writing is an art form that may be more accessible to most people in that music, visual arts, dance etc. might need some formal training and nurtured talent before they can be fully employed. If you are literate, however, you can start writing now, you can pen some poetry, express your feelings, your joy, your pain. All this you can do through your writing. And in that process of expression you might start healing yourself. Storytelling and self-expression are a  way to demonstrate who you are and maybe even help define yourself.

Following on, you might write because you want to be noticed, to make a name for yourself, to achieve something. You want your name up there in the bestseller lists or amongst the hit dramas of the year. You might write because you love telling stories and have something to say, after all everyone has something to say. Maybe you want to write to discover meaning, because meaning and purpose are so important to our lives. We can read to help us in this, but that is someone else’s story not ours.

Or maybe you write because you have a vision, a philosophy, something that might help to change the world for the better . Or, perhaps you love horror stories or fantasy novels and love to frighten the bejesus out of others! It’s still writing, it’s still telling stories and to tell a story well is to captivate an audience.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful tools we can use to change all our lives. Engaging us emotionally, intellectually or both they can have a hot line to our subconscious, sidestepping the need to rationalise the narrative.  While we are being engaged, entertained and maybe laughing heartily the story is working its magic at a deeper level. The willing ‘suspension of disbelief’ as we immerse ourselves in the journey allows the story to access a deeper part of ourselves. And since a story will nearly always offer us empathy somewhere it will be participating in the healing of our wounds. Stories can also offer different ways of living for those who seek to change their lives, they can provide practical solutions to some of our problems and inspire us to great things which, at other times, might astound us.

Now, in case this all sounds terribly worthy, stories are fun. And we need our stories, societies without stories…well they don’t really exist. We need our stories, one way or another they endeavour to explain the reason for existence, even if that reason is no reason.

So get down and write, get down and tell your stories and if you want some assistance to enhance your skills as a writer/storyteller then please get in touch .